80% of assisted living facilities have an Electronic Records System.

3% have any sort of analytics.

We are here to bridge that gap.

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The next generation of Electronic Health Records.

CareTrack leverages modern machine learning and data visualization to let you get the most out of your medical data. Our technology enables assisted living facility administrators, doctors, and nurses to provide a higher quality of care.

We have re-engineered the data entry process from the ground up to make nurse's busy schedules more manageable. Our machine learning and data visualization systems allow doctors and administrators alike to quickly get a useful view of how patient care is progressing.

HIPAA Compliant

We value the security of your data very highly. Our safeguards against data breach, theft, and loss put your data in safe hands.

Data Visualization

Enabling insights into patient data and a deeper understanding of disease.

Machine Learning

Caretrack leverages machine learning for improved diagnostics, prediction, and treatment planning.

Our Vision

We envision a future where doctors, nurses, and machines work together to gain maximum insight into the nature of degenerative diseases. We want to enable modern optimization of patient care planning.

Currently in Private Beta.

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